About us

We are a dynamic and rapidly evolving IT company. We have created and developed unique innovative software package iRidium. We started as an installation company in 2006 with projects of home automation and automation of home theatres.


But the release of iPhone changed it all! We had an idea, “Why not use iPhone to control home automation?” And it was a starting point.

Our Mission

We want to create an adaptable system for home automation to let integrators use all state of the art technologies in controlling automation systems.

Unique features

Today We:
work with 10,000 integrators worldwide
have a growing
net of distributors
are an official partner of HDL,
Clipsal, Global Cache',
Domintell, Weinzierl,
are a member of the KNX
are a member of the Cedia
are a participant of the
project Innovation
Centre “Skolkovo”


The first employee of the company was Marat Gilyazetdinov. He had a 18-year experience in programming and he had realized a great number of software projects. Learn more He got interested in automaton systems and studied AMX, Modbus systems. It was his brilliant idea to create iRidium project.


iRidium project branched into an independent company and began to create and develop software packages. iRidium team was joined by Dmitry Shulgin, who had a 6-year experience in automation on one of the largest Ural plants. Learn more

From the very beginning our goals were:
  1. to control from any device;
  2. to control any equipment;
  3. to provide best possible capabilities for creating interfaces.


All throughout the year we enthusiastically developed the software package. New programmers came to the company. In November 2009 we first presented our software package at the High Tech Building exhibition in Moscow. Learn more It went down exceptionally well! Integrators were thrilled with an opportunity to control home automation from iPhone. A lot of manufacturers of equipment for home automation were wildly enthusiastic about the project.


In February 2010 our company released the first version of the software package, named iRidium HD, on the Apple AppStore. Learn more It excited the automation market. The release of iPad in April 2010 geared up the development of the company. The demand for software solutions of this kind began to grow.


The company grew fast. More programmers and engineers came to our team. The team was joined by Anton Kamaev, a project manager, who had a 5-year experience in sales and promotion. Learn more We began to present iRidium software package at major international exhibitions and acquired a number of strategic partners.